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FOX News
Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
attacks it's hard to predict how many more would dyed. we have team fox coverage tonight jonathan hunt at the united nations first to james rosen at the state department and to james nato is taking steps to minimize the amount landing outside of syria. >> that's right, shep. the foreign ministers of the military alliance gathered in brussels today and announced there that they have approved a request made by member state turkey which asked for u.s.-made patriot antimissile batteries to be installed along its southern border syria. the ministry made clear the systems are purely defensive. germany and netherlands are supplying the pac three model as soon as their respective parliaments approve the deal which is expected to come soon. >> when that exactly will happen will depend on a number of practical issues that will be sorted out in the very near future. so i can't give you an exact date but i will tell you that the actual deployment of missiles will take place within weeks. >> hundreds of nato troops will also be deployed to install and operate these antimissile weapons but it doesn'
FOX News
Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
jonathan hunt live at the fire house in newtown, connecticut. where does the investigation stand tonight? >> it's moving slowly, john, and it's moving methodically. there are, of course, two main crime scenes. the school itself where those 20 children, ages six and seven, and the six female staff members were all gunned down, so horrifically on friday. that crime scene is likely to remain one, according to the cops, for months to come. it will not be reopened as a school until all of the investigative work is done there, if it reopens as a school at all. the second crime scene, of course, the first christian logically, is adam lanza's home, the home in which he woke up on friday morning and shot his mother in the head four times. he apparently also smashed a computer. cops are looking at that, too, for any evidence it may give them. ultimately they say they will get to the bottom of this horrible incident. listen. >> the people of this town of newtown want to know what happened. we're going to do that. we're going to provide them any information and all information. we'll paint a crystal
FOX News
Dec 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, there is new information and update now on the other survivors. >> yeah. we just in the last few minutes, in fact, got an update from the hospital where the two wounded firefighters are recovering we are told by officials there that their condition has now been upgraded to satisfactory. that is good news from the hospital. the two themselves released a statement today which said in part quote we deeply appreciate your compassion and support as we focus on recovering from our emotional wounds. we are humbled and overwhelmed by the well wishes for us and our families. while those two continue their recovery, the community is preparing for the funerals of the two firefighters who died. those will be held on sunday and monday, harris. i just shared that very sick note that was left behind. >> cops don't have much clue as to a motive right now. they are looking into william spangler's family relationships. for a start, there is is his mother. she died in october. he was apparently very close to her then there was this obitua
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
the world. jonathan hunt has more on that from the united nations here in new york. jonathan, quite a debate about the asylum question for assad. and the question is the question is whether president bashar assad has taken the final decision to as he once said live and die in syria. if he does die, it's most likely to be, of course, at the hands of the rebels when they make their final push into the center of damascus, a push which most experts believe is coming. all whether president assad might now be willing to or trying to seek asylum in some friendly country. that would probably boil down to cuba, ecuador venezuela or russia. u.n. secretary general was asked about the asylum question today he did not seem to favor the idea. listen. >> the united nations must not allow any impunity whoever commits gross violation of human rights must be held accountable and should be brought to justice. >> that sentiment was echoed by officials at the u.s. state department who said there has to be, quote: accountability. the counter argument to that is that perhaps anything that gets assad out of syria
FOX News
Dec 12, 2012 12:00pm PST
at the rebels. jonathan hunt is at the united nations. this firing of scud missiles is new. >>jonathan: it is. u.s. defense officials believe that some half dozen or so of the scud missiles have been fired at targets north of damascus by the syrian security forces aiming at the rebels in the last few days. they do not have any reports any casualties. you will wreck that scud missiles were widely launched by saddam hussein during the 1991 gulf war. they were largely inaccurate then and it appear they have been inaccurate now. it is an odd choice, this soviet missile as a tactical weapon by the syrians but according to white house officials, it could be one more sign of president bashar al-assad's desperation. >> if true, this would be latest desperate act from a regime that has shown utter disregard for innocent life. utter disregard for the lives of its own citizens. again, the idea that the syrian regime would launch missiles in its borders at its own people is stunning, deputy prosecute, and a completely disproportionate military escalation. >> one of the fears is that scud missiles are capabl
FOX News
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
. the fox report jonathan hunt has this, live from the united nations. what else do we know about the scud missiles? >> according to the u.s. official, shep, something like half a dozen of those scuds have been fired over the last few days. the target, not surprisingly, groups of the opposition rebels, although according to the same u.s. individual, there have not been any reported casualties among those rebels, which is a demonstration of just how inaccurate these scuds generally are. our viewers might remember them being used dozens of times by saddam hussein back in the gulf war in 1991. what is the point of firing such inaccurate weapons? it could be yet another negotiating point by president bashar al assad or in the view of the white house, it might just be another act of desperation. listen. >> if true, this would be the latest desperate act from a regime that has shown utter disregard for innocent life, utter disregard for the lives of its own citizens. again, the idea that the syrian regime would launch missiles within its borders at its own people is stunning, desperate, and a co
FOX News
Dec 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the most funny moments of o2012. jonathan hunt has a look at this year's most unforgettable caught-on-camera moments. >> surveillance cameras are all around us. worldwide recording an estimated 4 billion hours of footage every week. and with a growing number of americans armed with smart phones we are seeing caught on camera moments like never before. 30 million surveillance cameras deployed in the united states catching your every move. >> that was probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life try to collar a suspect down the road. he was riding under the influence. no shirt, no shoes and for this guy definitely no service. one wal-mart shopper letting it all hang out. in new jersey, a toddler put through the spin cycle as the door locks and the washer starts. quick thinking laundromat employee flips a circuit breaker sparing the child. >> i scare the kid die. you know. >> dramatic video as firefighters and police investigating an electrical volt knocked off their feet in a series of powerful explosions two men suffering first degree burns but have recovered. das
FOX News
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
-- has people in washington so worried tonight. "the fox report" correspondent jonathan hunt son set tonight. do we know exactly where the united states is getting the intelligence information on these supposed chemical weapons? >> in a word, shep, no, because on the grounds that they don't want to compromise their intelligence sources u.s. officials aren't telling us. but those questions are being asked, particularly given the experiences we had with intelligence in the run-up to the iraq war in 2003. if we don't have our own resources on the ground from whom we are we getting this word that these chemical weapons are be prepared and how reliable are those sources? defense secretary leon panetta would not be drawn on that earlier today. listen. >> without commenting on the specific intelligence that we have with regard to these chemical weapons, i think there is no question that we remain very concerned. the intelligent that we have raises serious concerns that this is being considered. >> certainly the alarm is nothing surrounded this time around. several nations and the u.n. secre
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
jonathan hunt with me live in newtown tonight. it is hard to imagine what these children went through today. >> it is the terror that they experience today, bill, unimaginable. the pictures that you see, those faces filled with tears, the faces filled with terror give you some idea. these were tiny children, ages between five and ten, we were told being brought out of that school in the middle of a horrific scene. their terror perhaps only matched by the terror of parents who heard that this scene was unfolding and rushed to the school in a desperate search for their children. listen. >> doesn't even seem real. it just does not seem like it's even possible. >> there is no words. it's shear terror and a sense of immediate urgency and to get to your child and to be there to protect them. >> now, we're told that as they were being led out, the children who survived this slaughter, were told by cops and teachers to cover their eyes. one can only imagine they were told that because they were literally stepping around and over the bodies of their classmates, bill. >> there has been a lot of confu
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2012 8:00pm EST
.k. that is the problem, that is the argument shared sacrifice. neil: what about the princess? >> i told jonathan hunt last week that i thought kate middleton is pregnant, i am pleased to be right. neil: she has very bad morning sickness. >> which is why it was revealed early, it was revealed 12 weeks, it is to be expected. the role of the roll wife to provide an heir and a spare immediately. neil: dogs teach a lesson about living, they don't know the future, they have forgotten the pass, they are tree t free to ls straight in the eye, but is that any reason to bring them to work? former "seinfeld" star's choice to bridg bring canines to work. . which is why we are proud to parer with health care professionals who understand the differenc that quality me with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare pla
FOX News
Dec 21, 2012 12:00pm PST
. jonathan hunt is here with me now. jonathan, it seems -- did you feel that? >>jonathan: i did. >>greg: things are shaking around here. it turned out to be pointless. >>jonathan: but no party is pointless, i would argue. certainly that was what was on the minds of everyone i saw stumbling into and out of the end of the world parties here in new york city last night. the big it parties was across the pond, the ancient site of stonehenge in southern england where a man glorying in the title of king arthur dragon druid said it was anything but pointless. >> we believe in cycles. we believe everything is in cycles. so the end of winner a is the beginning of a new one. if there is one thing good about coming to the end of time is that this is nothing written beyond that and we are, indeed, masters of our own destiny so make it count. >>neil: if you wonder why i left england and came to the united states... >> only in great britain would you fine king of the druids. >>jonathan: we talked to you about one town in turkey which according to the mayans was going to be the only places on earth wh
FOX News
Dec 14, 2012 12:00pm PST
. this is a developing story. jonathan hunt is live in newtown, connecticut the scene. >>jonathan: hard to imagine and hard to put in words the terror inflicted upon sandy hook where we are, part of the greater newtown area. or upon the children of sandy hook elementary. it is perhaps described best by one of the children themselves who was led away from the school early today. listen. >> we were just in the middle of gym and we heard gunshots. the power went out. the gym teachers directed us to stay against the wall and everyone started panicking. then the police came in. they asked if he was in here. we had to climb into the closets and we heard a lot more gunshots and the ambulance came. >> the one thing about the children is that some of them don't understand exactly what happened here but parents obviously understood it all too well. you can only imagine the terror that they experienced as they heard about the shootings and started running toward the school. here is one of the parents. >> mayhem in the room with all the kids and the teachers trying to find your kid, identify them, trying to f
FOX News
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm PST
the hour with our team fox coverage with jonathan hunt, back, like, with me near the school. where is the investigation today? >>jonathan: it is moving slowly. according to lieutenant paul vance, methodally. there are two main locations they are investigating. the first, of course, is the school where the 20 children and six women staff members all died in the blaze of gunfire on friday. the second location, adam lanza's mother house, where he killed his own mother shooting her several times in the head. he then took the weapons to the school and carried out the massacre. it is a very difficult investigation if so many reasons but lieutenant vance says for the sake of the people of this town, the people of state, the people of the united states, they will get to the bottom of all of this. >> the answers for the victims and the victims and the families and the people of connecticut, they want a clear picture exactly what happened here. many times, i have said, are many people, including first responders and town residents and including people in this audience that is broken hearts o
FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
, for the last time, jonathan hunt is with us, although he will be with us tonight and then the drinking begins. the preparations are underway. >>jonathan: people seem to believe and there is a town in turkty that is inundated with folks because that is going to survive. how the mayans that turkey existed, i am not clear but they were very smart and they made the calendar. in las vegas you can bet on that, and a lot of folks are shopping at the zombie apocalypse floor buying food, water, and something called zombie fighting tools. in italy, in europe, a lot of italians are baying little red horns because little red horns ward off the so-called evil i didn't. and, then, putin is not worried at all, the russian president says he knows when the world is ending, 4.5 billion years away but he also said, today, and this is interesting, that life on earth will end before the world ends because the sun is going to turn into a little white dwarf. this has been a good crop of mushrooms this year. >>shepard: apparently. maybe he can slay a dragon. what left is nasa is left. >>jonathan: nasa made a video d
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
wounded in two days of violence. jonathan hunt is live today at the united nations. the big question is, will president assad stay and fight? will he seek asylum? >>jonathan: the turks and russians, they are saying they are working on what they call "new ideas to bring an end to the ongoing 20--month-old civil war." they have nut given any ideas or details what those ideas might be but it will revolve around whether president assad has decided he going to live and die in syria and die most likely at the hands of the rebels or whether he can be persuaded to say asylum but that has the u.n. secretary-general having misgivings giving a man who has murdered 40,000 of his own people to give him retirement in a safe and friendly country. >> the united nations must not allow any impunity after gross violation of human rights. he must be held accountable and brought to justice>>jonathan: tf the argument is that any kind of solution that would persuade assad to stand down and end the slaughter of all of those syrian civilians might, actually, be worth considering. >>trace: what do we know of the
FOX News
Dec 19, 2012 12:00pm PST
amid the deadly civil war. deadly and lacking food and water and medical supplies. jonathan hunt is with us. despite the rebels' gains this is an uneven fight. >>jonathan: you only need to look at the firepower to realize the syrian army has tanks. they have artillery. they have war planes. they have helicopters. the rebels are largely using rifle, rocketed propelled grenades and only a handful of surface-to-air missiles. by the admission of the commander, they remain very much a ragtag bunch. >> we are planning battles in the operation room and trying to be organized working on cooperation with all groups. this is a difficult task. we are not a proper army yet. it is not easy to teach those fighters to have discipline. >>jonathan: those are the main problems. that is why bashar al-assad has been hanging on so long because the rebels are determined but they are thought unified and they are not disciplineed. they do not have the weapons to bring about a final critical battle. >>shepard: the commander is voicing serious concerns about chemical weapons and whether there is an attemp
FOX News
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us in the studio tonight with more. jonathan, this rebel commander admitting weakness of the opposition. >> yeah. newly appointed rebel commander. is he ghightd that the various rebel fighting groups are not united enough. that they do not have enough discipline. now, obviously the only people who can fix those problems are are the rebels themselves. but the commander also says the international community could help by giving them more and better weapons. and he says it was unhelpful of the united states to designate one particular group of foreign fighters as a terrorist organization. listen. >> resistance movement against the bashar regime. it's tears organization. we have seen no them which indicates they would be terrorists. we believe they will leave the country following the defeat of the regime. >> of course, u.s. officials say in this group is linked to al qaeda and they would probably think it very fanciful to think that those particular fighters at the end of the assad regime would say you are welcome and simply go hom
FOX News
Dec 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
his life anyway. >> harris: it's a good show. it will be worth worth sticking around for jonathan hunt. happy holidays. >> happy holidays to you. >> harris: i'm glad you are still here. here is another reason. twinkies are coming back. no kidding. [ male anno comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. >> harris: you no longer need to search ebay for your twinkie fix. the golden sponge cake filled with creamy filling will return. that's the word from hostess. the company currently in bankruptcy court says it's perusing bids from buyers and expects to sell off a few of its brands and not just twinkies, one of its financial advisors devil dogs, dingdongs and wonder bread could end up on store shelves. you have to be pat
FOX News
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm PST
to the fireman's association. an awful irony. >> jonathan hunt live in new york, thank you. >>> one year has passed since a house fire shattered the life of a mother in connecticut. it killed her three daughters, and both of her parents, on christmas day. now the woman says it was a real challenge finding the strength to move on with her life. the mom told a local newspaper she and a friend were wrapping presents. the friend cleaned ashes that had blown out of a small fireplace and threw them in the garbage bin before she went to sleep. one hour later, the woman woke up choking, flames and smoke engulfed the house. firefighters pulled her out but they could not save her children or her parents in time. the mother said she somehow made it through the funeral services but eventually she broke down. she said that her hair turned gray and fell out in clumps and they threaded to kill herself by overdosing on pills. this year another friend in arkansas agreed to take her in as long as she did not commit suicide. now the mom says support from friends and memories of her children have kept her going
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
her name for consideration of secretary of state. breaking news, why would she do that? jonathan hunt is in studio with me. this has been a controversial situation because as we know, a couple of days afterlet benghazi attacks, susan rice was sent out on five sunday talk shows and said it was because of a spontaneous reaction from an anti-muslim videotape. many thought it could have been a terrorist attack and her name was floated. what do you make of this? >> it became clear quickly it was going to be very difficult for the embassador to the united nations to get the nomination as secretary of state and to get it through because so many republicans were infuriated by the comments she made. the questions were asked, why was she the one put out there? why did secretary of state hillary clinton not take to the sunday talk shows circuit but whatever the reasons behind it, the blowback was so great it was difficult to see her being actually cleared as the next secretary of state. interesting in the white house statement they put out, that president obama says i'm grateful she will continu
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
jonathan hunt live in our new york city newsroom now. jonathan, this change of tone from the hutions seems to be very significant. >> yeah it, certainly is. because russia remember has been president bashar assad's greatest ally and protecter. if they are changing their tone now, accepting that the rebels are getting closer and closer to assad's power center in damascus through the violence that we have seen intensifying over the last couple of weeks, it signifies that the russians are realizing that their greatest friend in the middle east is about to be out of power and they better pretty quickly start making some new friends among the rebel opposition. officials say they are simply pleased to see the russians finally facing up to reality, listen. >> we agree that assad will not be a part of syrians future. we have noted as the media has the progress that the opposition has been making. we still believe that for the sake of the syrian people assad ought to leave now. >> now the questions remain of course how long does president assad -- can president assad hold on? how desperate does he
FOX News
Dec 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
a press release for saturday entitled why the world didn't end yesterday. jonathan hunt is with us on this last fox report there are always people who take these reports very seriously. >> they are. las vegas for the end of the world. there is a lot more going to a small town in turkey. now, don't ask me how the myans knew that turkey existed or this small town usual population 600. but hundreds of people are flocking there because according to the myans, this small turkish town will be saved. listen. >> there could be chaos in the rest of the world. i think it's a good idea that we stay here. somewhere we know we will be safe. there is plenty of police to protect us. think think this is a good choice of places to be. and street wine to drink as well. >> we came because it's the end of the world tomorrow. we thought we better pop in here because apparently this place will be save. >> with accents like those you would hope they would be the first to go come the apocalypse. >> shepard: of course, it's all nonsense. >> according to nasa it is all nonsense. they have already prepared t
FOX News
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
, the kind of mourning sickness that the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt tells us sends you to the hospital for some time. i didn't know about this. >> you have all of these newspapers, web sites tv networks falling all over themselves with the excitement of this pregnancy. kate middleton's is not having a very good time. she is in the hospital. she was visited there by william himself today. she something treated for something called hyper emesis -- extreme form of mourning sickness. to call it mourning -- morning sickness is to call a bad cold really bad. this seems to have come on pretty quickly. because last week, just last week we saw kate out on the field hockey field playing in high heels there. it suddenly happened. but it is pretty bad. we're told that this pregnancy is less than 12 weeks old. and the -- it was only announced because she had to go into the hospital today. so, we'll see what happens next. they are saying at the moment she will just be in there for a few days. obviously she will will be watched very closely. she is a royal. >> shepard: a few hours ago
FOX News
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
negotiated the sees fire between -- cease fire between israel and hamas. jonathan hunt is with us. this referendum is another potential flash point. >> reporter: absolutely. although president morsi handed back the powers he grabbed just a couple of weeks ago, the constitution voted on in this weekend's referendum gives him back a lot of those he same powers and sidelines the courts again. that's why the protesters now have a couple of options. they can go into streets again and make it too chaotic to hold the referendum or at least try to. they can try to appeal to the u.s. to put more pressure on president morsi, although u.s. officials are weighing their words areafully for now. >> we want to see a constitution that when it is adopted respects and protects the rights of all egyptians, and the democratic trajectory of the country, but egyptians have to work through how they get from here to there. >> reporter: getting from here to there could be a lot worse over the next two days. president morsi is trying to take those dictatorial kind of powers that president mubarak had befor
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 4:00pm PST
to the east side. links new york city with long island, shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt in midtown manhattan. continuing coverage now of breaking news. we have just gotten word through the reporting of the oregonen newspaper that in fact two people are dead at the clackman center mall and a gunman is still on the loose. now authorities have the mall in portland oregon locked down they tell us. they are working to get all the employees and customers that were left in there after a gunman is now reported to have used it's being described in so many different ways i can't be sure one said a machine gun. one said a shotgun. not sure yet. at least 20 shots fired. according to the oregonian two people killed. station through kptv. i'm told we should listen in. except, of course, that's not what's happening at this moment. that's the outside of the mall. the local station has just gotten there. as far as we know, the last police report was that the gunman is still on the loose inside this mall and what they are trying to do is get any potential victims out of his way. whether he is hold up in a sto
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
their kidnappers got into a fire fight with rebel forces. the fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us in studio. the story of this ordeal is really incredible. >> it's extraordinary. richard engle says it began when he and his colleagues were in the company of some of the rebel opposition. they say that suddenly around 15 masked and heavily armed men appeared as if from nowhere. there was a brief fire fight and richard engle and his colleagues were then blindfolded and started being moved from safe house to safe house. it was on arrival at that first safe house that their nightmare really began. listen. >> they kept us blindfolded, bound. we weren't physically beaten or tortured. a lot of psychological torture. threats of being killed. they made us choose which one of us would be shot first and when we refused, there were mock shootings. >> mock shootings. in other words, they were blindfold. they were told someone was going to be killed and then they simply heard a rifle shot. they are five days, richard engle says they wish to forget. that's going to be very hard to do. >
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm PST
august. joining us now for more on this is jonathan hunt, portfolio manager for capitalist pig hedge fund. contributor to for fox news channel, good to see you. >> happy new year. >> consumers have no faith in congress, guys get your act together. if there is a deal tomorrow, how do you think is this is going to affect consumer confidence over the next six months? >> it might slightly help but already there is a tremendous damage done. it's no surprise that consumers are not confident. to be confident you have to have some slight semblance of certainty and we haven't had anything like that. consumers want to think long term and budget but trillions of dollars and hundreds of millions of people waiting to fined out what president and congress do at the last minute. not only is the indicator numbers down but the dow took a dump on friday and it's been down for five straight days. >> arthel: something i touched on the intro. current economic conditions rose to the highest since 2008. what is driving that part of the equation? >> i think producers are trying put money to work. unfortunately t
FOX News
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
heroes caught on camera in 2013. jonathan hunt, fox news. >> i like it. thanks, jonathan. it's down to the wire on capitol hill. house speaker boehner expected to call members of congress back to washington tonight. we'll talk to one of those congressmen and get his take on what he thinks will happen and measure his level of optimism. >> living paycheck by paycheck. i have five kids and that's going to put us way down in the hole. >> we have to do more than raising taxes. we have to make serious cuts and people have to contribute to our country. not just one bracket of people that have to do everything. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >>> so in less than an hour, house speaker john boehner is expected to call congress members back to washington for a vote on a fiscal cliff deal. assuming one can be hammered out. joining me, one of those members james lang
Dec 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
as ambassador at the unions. let's get to our panel. with me in new york is jonathan alter, who is with bloomberg view, and professor michael eric die sorn ayson and ari melber w nation." >> i think this is the sad resolution of what amounted to a right wing witch hunt against ambassador susan rice. i think, first of all, wrongly laying responsibility for the fiasco at her feet. secondly, when facts subsequently came out to suggest that she was marrily repeated what she had been told in terms of intelligence, they were still unrelenting, and then thirdly what this does is displace a highly qualified person for secretary of state from the obama administration who happens to be a person of color and a woman. a rhodes scholar, a doctoral recipient from oxford university, an extraordinary broad career at the state department so to speak in terms of foreign relations and the like. this is a sad day in american politics. she didn't get a hearing. she was vetted informally and, therefore, rejected outside of the parameters of legal and formal power, and as a rul of that, i think this i
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am EST
of harvard, then we will have a panel led by al hunt of the bloomberg news, and of many years in storage in washington. that panel will be joined. by an understanding of technology companies in the global economy and the united states economy and jonathan marina, who is a senior fellow who has written extensively about the united states investment, and what it has meant for us on a host of issues we will start with a conversation with drew faust. she is a woman leader of one of our finest institutions. she is a woman leader. we have been focused on women's leadership. she has been at harvard since 2007. before that she was at the university of pennsylvania for 25 years. her academic career has focused on the civil war and the american south. she has been a prominent historian. as the president of harvard, she is focused on ensuring that there is education opportunity for all, for insuring that harvard remains diverse on every level and harvard remains the place that is attracting the best in the united states regardless of background as well in the world. she has spoken eloquently about
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